” If I am ahead in the European elections, I will ask for the dissolution of the Assembly,” assures Bardella.

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An individual of Malian nationality attacked and injured three people with a knife and a hammer in a Parisian train station on the morning of February 3rd. The president of the RN stated that “this individual had repeatedly expressed his hatred of the French and France on social media,” and proposed, “I am therefore in favor of reinstating borders in France.” In the opinion of Jordan Bardella, this tragedy should prompt the authorities to “reinstate border controls for non-European nationals.”

The main suspect in the knife attack “obtained papers in a regular manner, which allowed him to move freely within the Schengen area,” he mentioned. “There needs to be a shift in security, migration, and criminal matters.” “The French people must go to the polls on June 9, and if we come out on top, there will need to be a dissolution of the Assembly,” he continued, referring to this vote as “mid-term elections.”

He added, “Everything that the French endure in their daily lives is decided in Brussels” and cited agriculture, immigration policy, and energy costs as examples. He mentioned “people from civil society” and individuals from “other political parties,” without giving names. In any case, he assured that “it is a list that will guarantee its competence.”

Before declaring, “I am preparing the National Rally for the exercise of power.”

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