One injured in a fight between individuals in the Paris metro

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A suspect has been arrested. A fight between five homeless people broke out on Sunday, February 4th at around 7:30 am at the “Stalingrad” metro station, on the border of the 10th and 19th arrondissements of Paris, according to *Le Figaro* from reliable sources. It could be a settling of scores between marginalized individuals and drug addicts, as informed by a well-informed source.

One of the individuals received a stab wound to the right thigh, as indicated by the Paris prosecutor’s office to *Le Figaro*. This man was transported to Lariboisière Hospital by the firefighters, but he quickly left the establishment without leaving any contact information, the prosecutor’s office details. Two knives were found near the scene, as shown in a photo posted on X (formerly Twitter) by the RATP’s Group for the Protection and Security of Networks (GPSR).

*”Four individuals were apprehended by the GPSR, only the one suspected of delivering the blow was placed in custody. The suspect was brought to appear before the Criminal Court for acknowledging the possession of a bladed weapon without legitimate reason,”* states the Paris prosecutor’s office. The Criminal Court appearance (CRPC) is a procedure that allows for the quick judgment of an offender who admits their guilt.

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