Un hombre es agredido con un cuchillo y un bate de béisbol cerca de un albergue en Nantes.

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The victim, seriously injured, is no longer in danger. One of the attackers was brought before justice on Monday morning. The emergency housing facility on Boulevard Schumann in the northwest of Nantes was the scene of a violent altercation on the night of Friday, February 2nd to Saturday, February 3rd. A dispute between three drunken men escalated into a brawl just before midnight.

Two individuals ganged up on the third accomplice; punches were thrown. However, the numerical advantage was not enough to overwhelm him. Alerted, the police found the victim lying on the ground. Seriously injured, but still alive.

He had injuries to the head and arms. His life is no longer in danger today, according to information provided by the prosecution to our colleagues from [ on Sunday. However, the victim should still be receiving a significant temporary work interruption. Determined not to be caught, the knife-wielding man had tried in vain to get rid of his blade; however, it was discovered in the bushes by the authorities during their inspection of the site of the altercation.

After sobering up in the cells of the central police station in Nantes, one of the two suspects was released on Sunday. The three men involved in the brawl, who were accommodated at the Boulevard Schumann facility intended for migrant workers, knew each other. On Monday morning, the vague reasons for the dispute remained impenetrable to the investigators.

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