Libourne: a case of tuberculosis in a preschool teacher

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The disease, characterized by a severe lung infection, reappears sporadically in France. Parents learned about this through an information letter from the Gironde department on January 30th.

“To date, there is no longer any risk of contagion,” the department stated in its letter. In order to prevent the risk of contamination, the children will be screened in accordance with the recommendations of the High Council of Public Health.

This operation includes, among other things, a lung X-ray but “should not be done urgently to be effective.” An information meeting for parents is organized at the Garderose nursery school in Libourne, on Tuesday at 4:30 pm.

The medical prescriptions necessary for the medical examinations will be distributed on this occasion. In the meantime, parents are encouraged to be particularly vigilant for symptoms that could indicate tuberculosis infection in their children.

Unusual cough, night sweats, unexplained fatigue, and weight loss should prompt them to immediately consult their general practitioner.

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