“We have the staff” for the Olympic Games, assures the CEO of SNCF Voyageurs

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Christophe Fanichet, president of SNCF Voyageurs, affirmed during a recruitment forum at the Stade de France that they have already hired the necessary staff several months ago and will be ready to execute the entire transportation plan for the Olympic Games. He emphasized that they have the workforce and will be prepared for the event. SNCF Voyageurs plans to add 4500 additional trains to the Parisian rails during the competition to accommodate the increase in passengers.

The company received 250,000 CVs in 2023, averaging 50 applications per position, showing its high level of attractiveness for potential employees. Fanichet pointed out the increase in resignations within the railway group due to the elimination of the railway worker status and its associated benefits, such as retirement, since January 1, 2020. Despite this, he remains confident in the company’s ability to meet the demands of the Olympics and to successfully execute the transportation plan.

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