“Stéphane Bern reacts to the announcement of the cancer of Charles III: ‘There is a dramatization that is uncalled for'”

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“This is worrying, it’s the way the British public has reacted,” the royalty specialist said. Before listing the multiple decisions and official messages that followed this announcement. “While the king continues to exercise his power, there is not really a vacancy of power. Certainly, he is reducing his public appearances and it is Queen Camilla who will take over, as well as Prince William who has announced that he will take over a number of his father’s activities,” continued the expert.

“But there is a dramatization there that maybe doesn’t need to be.” A positive viewpoint shared by the monarch’s doctors, if we are to believe the Daily Mail. They are said to be “very, very optimistic” about the health of Charles III, whose cancer was detected “early”. The text has been split into logical paragraphs.

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