“Aurane Reihanian, former president of the Young Republicans, leaves the party as the movement gives in to reactionary temptations.”

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The former president of the Young Republicans and current leader of the opposition in Bourg-en-Bresse, explains to *Le Figaro* that he does not like the direction the party has taken, describing it as rigid and lacking in dynamism, leadership, and serious embodiment, yielding to reactionary viewpoints and mired in outdated methods. He respects the path taken by the mayor of the VIIth arrondissement of Paris and expresses happiness that the world of culture is opening up and not remaining the exclusive domain of a certain elite. He sees the Minister of the Interior as an embodiment of order, work, and merit, applauding his populist discourse based on a personal and sincere history. The local elected official, who did not inform Éric Ciotti of his decision (finding communication with the party leader “extremely difficult”), asserts that he is leaving not for a position or promotion, but due to disagreement with the ideas and strategy of the Republicans.

Aurane Reihanian will not wait for the Republican project for the European elections, nor the appearance of the party president for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. He also states that his upbringing and vision of human relations prevent him from speaking ill of Laurent Wauquiez, whom he considers an excellent regional president.

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