Vacation in Arizona: Four Accommodations to Book for Living the American West Dream

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The coast of this western American state is soaring, and its capital Phoenix will be served by a direct flight starting this year. This is where to unpack your bags.

Its fortress-style walls, made of “desert rose” colored concrete, house two floors, three bedrooms, and a completely unique crescent-shaped pool. In the main living room of this circular ship-house, the play of perspectives chases the gaze towards the horizon.

It’s no coincidence that Americans invented CinemaScope… Minimum of 4 nights required.

Born in the Caribbean, this French artist moved to Miami ten years ago, before buying a large plot of land at the gates of Saguaro National Park, named after the large cactus that covers it. With a crooner look and a silver tongue, he claims Land Art, a contemporary art movement that emerged in the United States in the late 1960s, considering natural materials as the starting point for any work.

Between his blue Klein painted trees and his outdoor sculptures, he built this capsule without curtains or shutters, to live to the rhythm of the sun. 70s decoration in yellow-orange tones.

Magical at the time when the sun caresses the horizon with its bronze reflections. Located in the heart of the historic Catalina Vista neighborhood, the mansion is organized around the central fireplace, with rooms arranged like the petals of a flower.

While much of the original George Nelson furniture for Herman Miller has been preserved, contemporary amenities (Tuft and Needle mattresses, smart speakers) have been installed in the two bedrooms. Crossing through the ages while thinking that it was better before.

Minimum of 2 nights required. If you ever wanted to live the life of Robinson, this accommodation along the Little Colorado River will surely satisfy your adventure cravings.

But above all, it will be an opportunity for a great cultural experience. Located 45 kilometers from the Grand Canyon, this traditional earth dwelling is located on the Navajo Nation reservation, a semi-autonomous territory of 71,000 km2, stretching between the northeastern Arizona, southern Utah, and northwestern New Mexico.

Today, the largest Native American community in the United States lives in this area. Spend a night in this “hogan” on your host’s sheep camp, and you may have the chance to witness (from a distance!)

blessings or ceremonies aimed at maintaining harmony with Mother Earth. Keep an eye out, coyotes, antelopes, and desert reptiles are never far away.

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