BMW XM: the Unexpected M

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The SUV XM, like the famous 1978 M1 Berlinetta, is a pure Motorsport product that will not have any descendants in the standard range. Its performance will not go unnoticed: the combined power (thermal + electric) allows this 2.7-ton SUV to match an M2 in acceleration and to move like a cat in the city thanks to its 25.7 kWh battery that allows nearly 80 km in electric mode.

After that, the driver can enjoy the nobility of a V8 engine that delivers a comfortable torque of 650 Nm and can recharge the 197 hp electric motor while driving. Sporty, the XM is almost with its technological arsenal including four-wheel steering, adaptive suspension, and active anti-roll bars.

The dashboard is draped in a marbled-effect leather upholstery of the finest quality. If, in spite of its autonomous parking system, its size scares you, know that the plug-in hybrid engine will soon power the next M5 sedan.

8 speeds
Dimensions: L. 5,11, w. 2,0, h.

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