Emmanuelle Raveau, BNP Paribas Private Bank: “Who trusted me? Everyone except me!”

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A mother in the health sector, a father in recruitment for RATP… Nothing destined me for a career in finance, but my parents instilled in me the value of hard work: to move forward, not to complain, to act. After high school, I had in mind that understanding the economic system would allow me to better grasp the world. I’m still there.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit, I go for it. I quickly liked this role and learned from every encounter. She tells me that it is me who has made my road and my life happy. And in the end, it’s true that I don’t see any obstacles, just situations to resolve.

A move to the province allowed me to discover “retail,” by inventing a new model of mix between private banking and corporate, and to develop my skills and ability to rally teams. All my life, I have never ceased to adapt and draw positivity from every change. I am also here to evolve the image of private banking, more modern, at the heart of the real economy, and which accompanies all segments of clients, from young startup founders to large philanthropic leaders. Trusting oneself and others is to continue to believe that we all have a lot of value.

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