Three injured, one suspect arrested: what we know about the knife attack at Gare de Lyon

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The presumed perpetrator of the attack, a Malian with a valid Italian residence permit, is being questioned by the police. The initial findings of the investigation into the stabbing, which left three injured on Saturday morning at the Gare de Lyon in Paris, do not *”suggest it is a terrorist act,”* stated the police chief Laurent Nunez, clarifying that the suspect *”clearly suffers from psychiatric disorders. “* The assailant, of Malian nationality, who has been *”regularly residing in Italy since 2016, with a valid permit issued in 2019,”* according to the documents in his possession, spontaneously claimed to suffer from *“psychiatric disorders”* and *“medications”* were found on him, added the police chief during a press briefing at Gare de Lyon.

The attacker targeted *“three passengers”* at the station *“using a knife and a hammer,”* causing *“serious injury”* to one of them, whose condition has *“stabilized”* but *“remains critical,”* as clarified by Laurent Nunez, contrary to earlier statements from police sources. Two other people sustained minor injuries and a fourth person is in a state of shock. *“Investigations into his phone records, his movements in Italy, and his statements during questioning”* will determine whether *“the terrorist aspect can be ruled out,”* concluded the police chief, urging caution regarding the assailant’s motives.

An investigation for attempted murder has been opened and assigned to the 2nd district of the Paris judicial police, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office. The National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office has stated that it is monitoring the situation alongside.

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