Dama de compañía o dama de corazón: la enigmática Hiromi Rollin, en la sombra de Alain Delon

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Michel Marizy, the personal photographer of the star for 30 years, guides them through the different rooms of the house in Loiret. On several occasions, Alain Delon has already revealed his refuge, acquired with Mirelle Darc in 1971. His companions, his children, and his beloved dogs.

On May 3, 2023, Michel Marizy plans to make his photos of the actor the cover of *Paris Match*, for the first issue of July. Next to the Leopard, this time, there will be *“Hiro” -* as Alain Delon calls her -, finally consecrated alongside the female icons of his life: Romy Schneider, Nathalie Delon, Mireille Darc, Rosalie van Breemen. The headline of the newspaper will indicate: “The woman of the end of his life”.

*“Or something like that”*, Hiromi Rollin will nuance later in front of the investigators. But these photos will never be published. Three months later, on July 5, the 66-year-old Japanese woman, accused by the Delon siblings of moral harassment and abuse of weakness on their father, is abruptly expelled from Douchy in a few hours.

We see the Japanese lady struggling like a madwoman in front of the padlocked gate of the property. She tries to climb one of the walls, injures herself, while Anthony, Anouchka, and Alain-Fabien have just lured her outside the estate. Several bodyguards assist them.

*“I found myself with nothing, just my belongings on me, a handbag, and 68 euros”*, she laments in front of the gendarmes, lying down like a wounded animal in the grass, screaming “rape” when approached to take back the keys. *“I was trying to resist, to go towards the house. They told me they had filed a complaint against me, so had their father.

There were lots of people around, they were filming me, they were laughing”*, she also says, as she is dragged by the arms for several meters by a bodyguard.

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