The rapper MHD, who appealed his murder conviction, has been released.

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He had since been incarcerated at the Fresnes penitentiary. Five of his co-defendants also received sentences ranging from 10 to 18 years of imprisonment.

Four of them have appealed, while the fifth is on the run and was tried in absentia. Three other men, also defendants, were acquitted.

He died from his injuries a few minutes after his attackers left. The car was found the next day, burned, in a parking lot.

The rapper was implicated by several witnesses who claimed he was at the crime scene, which he has always denied. This case significantly hindered the career of the artist, a pioneer of “afro-trap,” a mix of hip-hop and African music, who rose to fame in 2015 thanks to a viral YouTube video, marking the start of a meteoric rise.

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