Gil Roman removed from his position as director of Béjart Ballet Lausanne

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The Béjart Ballet de Lausanne’s troubles continued as the director of the company was also relieved of his duties due to harassment. After an audit, the company had announced a series of reforms to correct the situation.

The former production director had been dismissed due to “repeated behaviors of sexual harassment”. Though Gil Roman, initially implicated, had retained his position, he was now supervised by a new team including a personnel director and a general manager from the basketball world, Giancarlo Sergi.

The calm seemed to have returned until a misstep in January 2024 at the Opéra Garnier. Despite the measures taken in 2021, Gil Roman’s invitation of the former production director to a performance and private cocktail reception with all the dancers was deemed inappropriate and intolerable by the foundation council, especially considering the previous audit conclusions and decisions.

As a result, Gil Roman will leave his position on April 30, 2024, and the foundation will be responsible for finding his successor. However, thanks to the structure put in place in 2022 and led by Giancarlo Sergi, the production and presentation of scheduled shows are ensured during the transition.

Gil Roman, a controversial figure, had led the company for fourteen years with a tendency to prioritize his own choreographed pieces over the works of the late master, Béjart. Unfortunately, being a great dancer doesn’t necessarily translate to being a great ballet master, and this seemed to be a challenge for Gil Roman.

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