Parking in Paris: Anne Hidalgo Launches SUV Crackdown

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On Sunday, the city hall is inviting Parisians to vote on tripling the rates for parking SUVs in eleven districts of the capital. This means the rate will be 225 euros for 6 hours of parking for an SUV. The aim is to discourage the circulation of these popular vehicles in the city, which are considered too heavy, bulky, and polluting.

Similar to the decision on rental scooters in April, Parisians are being asked to decide in a vote this Sunday whether to increase the parking price for SUVs, which have become a major concern in several cities. Lyon is also planning to adopt a special tariff for SUVs, and Bordeaux is strongly considering it as well. It’s important to note that in Paris, this increase will not affect residential parking or that of professionals in their dedicated zones (taxis, delivery drivers, ambulances, etc.

), and will not apply to drivers with disabilities.

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