“¡Nuestros amigos han tenido buenas ganancias… nosotros no!” Las tribulaciones de Barbara y Christophe, de 50 y 55 años, “perdedores” en el mercado inmobiliario

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This couple of fifty-somethings has faced a series of setbacks. Barbara and Christophe, both in their fifties, openly admit that real estate has never *”been a great passion”* for them. While Talleyrand may have said *“When I look at myself, I am desolate; when I compare myself, I am consoled,”* it’s the opposite that fits this couple of fifty-year-olds, parents to three children, like a glove.

Although they are not to be pitied financially, they cannot help but compare their trajectory to that of their friends of the same generation, who have *“gleefully surfed on the wave of skyrocketing prices over the past 25 years”* to build up a nice little real estate portfolio.

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