Expert Tips for Successful Wine Investment

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Various types of investments allow you to earn interest in euros or in kind. Follow the guide.

Château Minuty was acquired in Provence for several hundred million euros by the global luxury giant LVMH. Le Clos-de-Tart was taken over for a nine-figure sum by another heavyweight in the industry, Kering.

But is this investment open to everyone? What initial investment is needed to hope for long-term gains?

What risks need to be taken into account, considering that a market where some bottles can triple in value in just a few years also attracts scammers? The French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) identifies at least half a dozen actors each year “appearing on blacklists, having been the subject of a warning published by the French Financial Markets Authority and/or impersonating a regulated actor.”

We consulted with specialists. Here are their tips for investing in vineyards or their products, safely.

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