The Prince Harry has arrived in London to visit his father, King Charles III

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Both of them have since left the hospital. And this, without the Duke of Sussex, currently in California, having visited them. However, Meghan Markle’s husband reacted very quickly when he learned that his father had cancer, as announced by Buckingham Palace on Monday, February 5th. Meghan Markle’s husband reportedly took the first flight to London early in the morning.

He has also just landed at Heathrow Airport, where he arrived via a British Airways plane, as revealed by the tabloid around 1 pm on Tuesday, February 6th. The prince also arrived solo in the English capital, as his wife Meghan Markle stayed with their children Archie and Lilibet in California. “The Duke discussed this diagnosis with his father,” a witness told the British newspaper on Tuesday, February 6th. “He will fly to the UK in the coming days to see Her Majesty.”

According to the statement from Buckingham Palace, it was during the monarch’s hospitalization that “another cause for concern was noticed.” “Subsequent tests revealed a form of cancer,” the document states. “The king is grateful to his medical team for their swift intervention, made possible by his recent hospitalization.” Ambos han salido del hospital desde entonces.

Y eso, sin que el Duque de Sussex, actualmente en California, los haya visitado. Sin embargo, el esposo de Meghan Markle reaccionó muy rápido al enterarse de que su padre tenía cáncer, según lo anunciado por el Palacio de Buckingham el lunes 5 de febrero. Según el comunicado del Palacio de Buckingham, fue durante la hospitalización del monarca que “se notó otra causa de preocupación”. “Pruebas posteriores revelaron una forma de cáncer,” indica el documento.

“El rey está agradecido a su equipo médico por su pronta intervención, posible gracias a su reciente hospitalización.”

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