Rally Nacional: entre Marine Le Pen y Jordan Bardella, una historia de sucesión

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She always tells her loved ones that it is the best way to change gears at the last minute. The two-time presidential finalist prefers to change gears at the last minute. It reassures her. I can get hit by a bus, Marine Le Pen.

When she thinks about 2027, Marine Le Pen mostly sees the long months that separate her from the deadline. Between today and the future campaign for the presidential election, the president of the parliamentary group of the National Rally (RN) thinks that anything can happen. “Life has more imagination than we do,” she often says. That is why, when she talks about her presidential candidacy, she prefers to specify: “I am the natural candidate of my camp.”

And she adds, as she did last April on RTL: “As I speak to you, I am the natural candidate. It may not be the case in three years.” What could happen? “I can get hit by a bus,” Marine Le Pen confides in private, laughing.

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