Rachida Dati aims to combat “cancel culture” by defending “freedom of creation”

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In an interview with CNews-Europe 1, Rachida Dati declared, *“I am in favor of freedom in art and creation, I am not in favor of censorship.”* She criticized the appropriation of these values by conservative movements to denounce what they perceive as an excess of activism in support of minority rights and social and environmental injustices. Dati urged for the support of artistic freedom and rejected the endorsement of these new censors.

She emphasized that combating discrimination and social determinism is a worthy fight and that culture should not be about deconstruction or erasure. In France, the term “woke” has become essential in the realm of intellectual debate.

Its critics argue that its proponents are not just advocates for anti-racism and social justice, but are the architects of a society founded on so-called “cancel culture.” This rhetoric, initially present in the far-right political spectrum, has gradually spread to the right, center, and certain left-leaning circles.

Rachida Dati reiterated her views on public broadcasting in an interview with Journal du Dimanche, another media outlet within the Bolloré family’s holdings. She expressed her strong attachment to the public service, asserting that it needs to reflect the diversity of opinions held by the French people if it wishes to maintain their support.

Dati also called for the professionalism of everyone involved in the public broadcasting sector, indicating that she would be meeting with its leaders soon.

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