Peninsula of Yucatan: 5 Unforgettable Steps to Take on a First Trip

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Mérida, the capital of the Yucatán state in Mexico, offers a charming and authentic experience, in contrast to the imposing hotel complexes of Cancún. The city features museums that showcase the region’s colonial history, as well as exhibitions of contemporary Yucatecan artists.

Throughout the year, various artistic events celebrate local traditions, often taking place for free on the city’s main squares. Tulum, on the other hand, offers a different experience with its quaint village, creative cafes and restaurants, and an 18th-century fortress built by the Spanish.

Tourists are drawn to Tulum for its breathtakingly beautiful blue lagoon. The surrounding area is dotted with hidden hotels nestled in dense vegetation, offering idyllic nature getaways by the water.

Campeche, another popular stop for travelers exploring the Caribbean peninsula, is known for its independent shops, charming hotels, and “bohemian” restaurants set in courtyards adorned with succulent plants. The city’s historic center is characterized by colorful facades, walls, and bastions, adding a unique charm to the urban landscape.

Beyond the city center, visitors can experience an authentic Mexican coastal town with a tranquil seaside promenade, an old fishing port, and a typical market. Holbox, a small island surrounded by turquoise waters, offers visitors a chance to embrace a tranquil pace of life, enjoy a paradisiacal retreat, and engage in snorkeling alongside rich marine life, including spotted whale sharks.

The island is also known for promoting a healthy lifestyle, with palm trees, seashells, and numerous small businesses dotting the landscape. For travelers looking to explore these destinations, renting a vehicle upon arrival at Cancún airport is recommended.

Alternatively, national ADO buses provide modern and comfortable transportation between cities, with several daily routes running until around 11 PM, serving various tourist destinations in the country.

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