Paris 2024 Olympics: Police Prefect supports continuation of real estate construction during the Games under “conditions”

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The roadworks, on the other hand, will not be possible in the blue and red zones. “We are working a lot with building professionals, the city of Paris, and public authorities on the possibility of maintaining real estate works throughout the Île-de-France region,” explained the prefect, unveiling the changes made to traffic restrictions during the Olympic Games (July 26 – August 11) and Paralympic Games (August 28 – September 8) after an initial series of consultations. “We are working on the conditions under which real estate works that can impact traffic and the road space can continue to be implemented. We are trying to be as flexible as possible, to limit restrictions to the maximum,” added Laurent Nuñez.

However, the prefect does not intend to “allow trucks delivering materials into the red zone while there are pedestrian flows.” “We will make deliveries possible provided that there is no impact on the public roadway. It will have to be done very quickly to free up pedestrian flows, and real estate works will be able to continue in many places,” he added. On the other hand, roadworks will not be possible in the blue and red zones, Mr. Nuñez noted “because it will create traffic congestion.”

“And on all reserved lanes and relief roads, it will not be possible either.” The outcome of the consultations and the final traffic perimeters will be revealed in a press conference at the end of February.

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