Nantes: 2 full-time agents to review metropolitan expenses in the context of the climate challenge

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The text discusses the implementation of a “green budget” by Nantes Métropole to align the community’s investments with the ecological goals of the majority. Two full-time agents are dedicated to monitoring the environmental impact of expenses, with the aim of refining the tool designed to guide Nantes Métropole’s ecological transition. The limited room for maneuver for those overseeing the green budget involves internal communication and engagement with over 7,000 employees to ensure everyone feels involved in the city’s ecological transition. The coalition in charge of Nantes Métropole takes a proactive and ambitious approach to this effort, emphasizing its role as a tool for decision-making and not just a public relations effort.

The green budget entails a comprehensive analysis of all metropolitan budget items from an ecological perspective, in coordination with various municipal departments, including finance. However, the exercise has its limitations, as some entries related to climate change adaptation were labeled as “indefinite”, requiring further work to overcome uncertainties. The article also includes comments from opposition councilor Julien Bainvel, who applauds the concept of green budgets but highlights the need for rigorous methodology to ensure effectiveness. He uses the example of serving a non-seasonal fruit at a school to underscore the importance of making ecologically sound decisions.

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