Los 5 grados superiores más solicitados en Parcoursup

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In 2023, nearly 30% of applicants chose to join one of its programs after high school. The BTS diploma is a two-year program with over 100 different specialties.

*Le Figaro* listed the 5 most requested BTS programs on Parcoursup, based on last year’s application numbers. At the end of this diploma, students can continue their studies by enrolling in professional licenses in areas such as commerce and distribution, management and organizational management, commercial activities management, or e-commerce and digital marketing.

The BTS in negotiation and digitalization of customer relations (NDRC) is ideal for young people interested in business management and marketing strategies. According to Onisep, half of the graduates from this BTS program continue their studies.

Graduates can then enroll in professional licenses in product and service marketing or e-commerce and digital marketing, for example. The international business BTS can be relevant for students interested in international and intercultural exchanges.

Several professional licenses can complement this path, offering opportunities for international mobility and even courses taught in English. Nearly 93,000 applications were made in this field.

This program allows students to pursue further studies in various areas. Managing a small or medium-sized enterprise (PME) interests many students.

It is a perfect course for those who want to start or take over a family business. Over two years, students learn how to become business owners.

While a third of the graduates enter the job market afterwards, 45% continue their studies, often preferring degrees in business schools and professional licenses, especially in organizational management or accounting-related professions (management control, accounting and payroll, taxation).

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