Japanese Watchmaking Craftsmanship at Its Peak

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The Presage Craftsmanship collection represents a compelling synergy that showcases a set of manufacturing methods requiring unparalleled dexterity. These methods elevate precision and meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and unwavering passion for excellence of the Japanese Maison. These limited edition watches are more than just timekeeping instruments; they are a reflection of a demanding process entrusted to experienced watch artisans with up to fifty years of expertise. Symbolizing the Japanese heritage, one of the four new Seiko watches is powered by the in-house automatic movement caliber 6R27.

This artisanal feat required exceptional innovation, with the porcelain, typically fragile, reinforced by unique components developed specifically by Seiko, ensuring both the visual delicacy and the durability of the dial. When dyed with an intense blue, the dial evokes the undulations of ocean waves, creating a captivating effect heightened by the visual depth resulting from the alternating hollows and reliefs. The Shippo enamel dials from Seiko, with a thickness not exceeding 1mm, symbolize a mastery entrusted only to the best artisans who have upheld this tradition passed down from generation to generation.

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