In Nice, 250 kilos of cannabis discovered in a hidden compartment aboard a truck

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The driver of the heavy goods vehicle was immediately arrested and placed in custody. This information was confirmed by BFM Côte d’Azur on Tuesday to *Le Figaro* from a source close to the investigation. The drugs were concealed in a specially adapted hiding place on board the heavy goods vehicle. The driver was immediately arrested and placed in custody.

His hearing was still ongoing on Tuesday at midday. The investigators’ task now is to trace the network and its connections – both within the Côte d’Azur region and beyond – with the aim of dismantling a potentially far-reaching network, given the quantity of cannabis discovered in just one truck. Therefore, the investigations are far from over. Also worth reading is the seizure of 500,000 euros, 187 kilos of cannabis, nearly two kilos of cocaine, as well as several handguns and a pump-action rifle.

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