“I have known my boyfriend since high school”: the rare confessions of Ana Girardot about her relationship with Oscar Louveau

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The actress made an exception at the end of January, in the latest issue of *Marie France* magazine, where she recounts her life as a couple with her husband since 2020, artistic director Oscar Louveau. If her love story with the man who now shares her life has not always been smooth sailing, it dates back to adolescence. “I’ve known my sweetheart since high school,” remembers Ana Girardot, before adding, “We got married in New York in 2008, we lived in Los Angeles.”

But, two years later, the romance ends and the young couple separates. The aspiring actress meets Arthur de Villepin shortly afterwards, the son of former Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, with whom she has a romance that will last four years, from 2015 to 2019. The couple decides to “remarry in Las Vegas in 2020, and have a son the same year.”

A tortuous love story, but one that is undeniably captivating according to the actress, completely won over: “It’s an incredible stroke of luck to have met my best friend, my biggest supporter, an extraordinary father… and even an amazing cook!” She adds, paying tribute: “He allows me to be myself, without ever making me feel guilty. That’s what ties us together,” as Cédric Klapisch, her favorite director, would conclude.

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