EasyJet: a plane dangerously approached Lake Geneva before landing

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EasyJet, a low-cost airline established in 1995, has not yet provided any explanation. The company has never experienced a crash and operates primarily from Geneva Airport, one of its main hubs. It is the second largest low-cost airline in Europe, behind Ryanair.

According to *Tribune de Genève*, the control tower at Geneva Cointrin Airport alerted the crew when they were also warned of the low altitude by the onboard alert system. The company, when approached for comment, did not immediately respond but informed *Tribune de Genève* that the pilots had been temporarily suspended from their duties, stating that this action aligns with EasyJet’s practices and procedures. Furthermore, the company affirmed its commitment to supporting safety investigations in compliance with procedures to gain a complete understanding of past events and take appropriate action if necessary.

EasyJet emphasized that safety and the well-being of passengers and crew are always its top priority.

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