Two People Seriously Burned in Arson Attack in Villeurbanne

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The text can be rewritten as follows:

One of the victims, with burns covering 80% of their body, jumped from a window. According to our colleagues at *Progrès*, they described it as a “scene of horror”.

Two fires broke out in the entrance halls of two adjoining buildings. According to a prefectural source, the origin of the fire is deliberate.

An investigation has been opened and entrusted to the departmental security. The fire and smoke spread through the stairwells and floors.

A 69-year-old resident suffered burns on 20% of her body, and a 57-year-old man suffered burns on 80% of his body. The man jumped from the building, probably to escape the flames.

Both victims were transported in critical condition to hospitals in the Lyon region. Four people are in stable condition, apparently affected by smoke.

In total, 50 people were affected. The fire broke out around 1:15 am at 191 rue Leon-Blum.

At the peak of the operation, 22 fire engines were mobilized, in addition to the emergency medical services. Investigators are still trying to identify the perpetrator(s) of this fire.

No arrests have been made at this stage. According to *Le Progrès*, 40 residents of the two buildings were evacuated.

Some of them have been temporarily relocated to a gymnasium.

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