These investments that will outperform the Livret A in 2024… and those that will underperform

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The text can be broken down into logical paragraphs to make it more readable. Despite the challenging circumstances, there are investment options that deserve attention.

The attractive 3% net return on Livret A until February 1, 2025 has not gone unnoticed, with a substantial net collection of 28.7 billion euros in 2023. It’s challenging to find better savings products in the world of 100% guaranteed investments.

While riskier investments such as stocks (with CAC 40 gaining nearly 17% in 2023), high-yield bond funds, or real estate funds can potentially outperform, they require a long-term perspective, unlike the Livret A. In the realm of secure investments, the options are more limited.

The rise in interest rates currently gives banks and insurers some leeway to better leverage money, resulting in enhanced euro funds, super savings accounts, and term deposits with yields sometimes exceeding 5%. However, do they really outperform the Livret A once taxes and fees are deducted, or after the promotional period ends?

For example, placing the maximum sum of 22,950 euros at 3% on Livret A would yield 688.5 euros net to savers in 2024. To determine the comparative benefits, complex calculations are required.

We have conducted these calculations and identified the winners and losers in our analysis.

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