The power resurgence of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, ready for new geopolitical challenges at sea

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*Special envoy aboard the “Charles de Gaulle”*

The marine rifleman successfully hit the target on the first shot. On the other side, the wire is being recovered.

The replenishment ship of the forces (BRF), the first of its kind, is navigating at exactly the same speed as the flagship of the French navy, as if in a coordinated ballet. From the bridge, the maneuvering officer, Frigate Captain Marie, is meticulously noting every order she gives on the glass.

There is no room for approximation. The two ships are about 60 meters apart.

“A little less,” she says after checking with the rangefinder. There is activity in the hushed atmosphere of the bridge.

A sailboat has been spotted 15 minutes away. It will be necessary to ask it to clear the route so that the two ships do not have to deviate together…

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