The post-parking penalties are tax deductible

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The decriminalization of parking has at least one beneficial effect for users: it is tax deductible. For individuals who have chosen actual expenses within the framework of their taxation (waiving the 10% lump sum deduction), as well as for all professionals using a vehicle, the professionally incurred costs are deductible for tax and accounting purposes. This expense is therefore tax deductible as long as it is justified (notice of payment of the Fixed Penalty Notice) and the expenditure is incurred for the needs of the economic activity within the fraction corresponding to the mileage traveled for professional purposes. You must therefore possess all the expense justifications related to the professional use of the vehicle.

These parking fees are in addition to the limitations of the mileage scale published each year by the administration, provided that the portion corresponding to private use is deducted and the necessary justifications can be provided.

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