New York City: What to Do and See, Hotels, Restaurants, Tips, and Travel Guide

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New York City is an extraordinary metropolis, known for its size, energy, diversity, and constant evolution. From the iconic Hudson Yards to the bustling boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, the city offers a myriad of experiences for visitors.

Whether it’s a first-time visit or a return trip, New York City always has surprises in store. The hotel scene in New York is particularly exciting, with various chains using the city as a testing ground for innovative concepts.

From decor to service, the city’s accommodations offer a wide range of options. With the addition of American airline JetBlue offering direct flights to New York starting June 29, 2023, visitors have even more accessibility to the city.

While New York may not be known for its beaches, there are some accessible spots within an hour of Manhattan, offering a chance to enjoy the Atlantic. In addition to the classic attractions, there are hidden gems in Brooklyn and Queens that are worth exploring.

The city is also home to historic and prestigious hotels, some of which have been iconic for over a century. As international visitors return, New York City is poised for a vibrant future with new discoveries recommended by Le Figaro.

The city’s rooftop bars provide a unique perspective, allowing visitors to enjoy a drink while taking in views of landmarks like the Empire State Building and Broadway. French hospitality group Barrière has made its mark in the US by opening its first location in the peaceful neighborhood of Tribeca.

New York City has no shortage of locations offering remarkable views of the city, from historic observatories to lesser-known but equally impressive vantage points. New York has been instrumental in shaping important musical styles of the 20th century, with influences spanning from Harlem to the Bronx.

The city’s resilience and artistic spirit have been evident as museums and galleries have begun to reawaken after a challenging period. New York has long been a playground for acclaimed American writers, and it continues to inspire literary creativity today.

The often-overlooked borough of Staten Island provides a unique and surprising experience, just a ferry ride away from Manhattan. Additionally, the newly developed west side of Manhattan, including The Shed and the Vessel, has become a must-see attraction.

The iconic Broadway stretches far beyond the confines of New York City, offering a historical journey through America. As visitors plan their trip to New York, they’ll find a wealth of information, recommendations, and insights to make the most of their experience.

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