Inspections in large distribution: “We are going to have sanctions,” says Michel-Édouard Leclerc

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Michel-Édouard Leclerc denounced that as soon as the commercial agreements are finished at midnight, the administration comes to pore over the computers the next day. The distributor could be pinned for commercial agreements on which there are legal debates, according to its boss, who denounced the French laws as being so complex. However, he refutes the accusations of bypassing French law by its purchasing center in Belgium. As for possible products falsely indicated as being of French origin, he mentions possible labeling errors.

He added, “There is a group of Renaissance and Modem deputies targeting me. It’s a tweet factory!” The head of E.Leclerc stores expressed surprise that farmers had not gone to protest “at the industrialists’ or in collective catering,” while acknowledging having a “share of responsibility” in having “shunned legislative discussions.” He blamed “the last three Agriculture ministers who have constantly divided us” for the fault.

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