Del “encanto absoluto” al “odio hacia las mujeres”: un “experto en masculinidad” enjuiciado en apelación por asesinato

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Mickaël Philétas, wearing a straw hat, large sunglasses, and a white jogging jacket, talks openly in front of his camera. Presenting himself on his Youtube channel as the “virtuoso of absolute seduction,” he gives advice to his 2000 subscribers to protect them from the female gender, which he claims “lies, betrays, and manipulates.” In a demonstration filled with misogyny, the coach states that women prefer to secretly cheat on their partners rather than leave them.

“They are too cowardly to be honest, they will never put themselves in a situation where they could die,” he says without flinching in a video published in 2018. With unsettling coldness, he continues: “If the guy finds out, he goes crazy, he’ll start hitting her. Imagine if he stabs her in the heat of the moment, in anger… Because you can do crazy things when you are angry.”

These words will have a chilling resonance when, two years later, Mickaël Philétas confesses to having killed his ex-partner with eighty stab wounds. Convicted…

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