Bayrou acquitted, surprise appearance of Céline Dion at the Grammy Awards, Atos stock falls… The 3 key points to remember at midday

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3 midday headlines to remember:
*Le Figaro*. The High Commissioner for the Plan was suspected of being the *”main decision-maker”* of a *”fraudulent system”* which consisted, between 2005 and 2017, of using European funds to pay parliamentary assistants who actually worked for centrist organizations in France. The public prosecutor had requested 30 months of suspended imprisonment, a fine of 70,000 euros, and three years of suspended ineligibility, for complicity, through instigation, in the misappropriation of European public funds. Since then, no more concerts or official appearances… Until last night.

She presented the long-awaited Album of the Year award to Taylor Swift, who receives it for the fourth time in her career. A record. The Canadian diva was greeted with a standing ovation, to which she responded: “Thank you everyone! I love you.”

Nearly 26,000 hectares have been reduced to ashes.

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