Wauquiez warns that the government would make a serious mistake if it thinks it has bought the farmers’ silence

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The president of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Laurent Wauquiez, intervened on Friday in the debate, reminding the French that “there is still much to be done.” He discussed the deep crisis in the agricultural world and emphasized the need for long-term work. Wauquiez warned the government against thinking they could buy the silence of farmers, stating that the issue is too crucial for the country to be reduced to mere public relations.

He expressed support for farmers who face increasingly stringent environmental standards, highlighting France’s agriculture as the most environmentally friendly in the world. Wauquiez also avoided questions about his activism beyond his region in support of farmers and his potential presidential ambitions, stating that he is “listening” and refusing to stay in his office while there is such a deep crisis in rural areas.

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