United States: Trump’s prosecutor in Georgia admits relationship with another prosecutor

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The former American president, who is indicted in this Southern state for unlawful actions aimed at overturning the 2020 election results, argues that the relationship between prosecutor Fani Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade is sufficient reason for the charges against him to be dropped. According to the prosecutor, there was no relationship with Nathan Wade at the time she recruited him in November 2021. Wade, who is currently going through a divorce, stated in a court filing that he began this relationship with Fani Willis in 2022, and claimed to have “not received any funds or personal financial gain from his role as special prosecutor.”

Willis had proposed in November that the trial of the former president and his 14 co-defendants commence on August 5, 2024, three months before the presidential election. Four of the 19 defendants originally targeted by the indictment issued on August 14, including through a Georgia law on organized crime used by the prosecutor, have already pleaded guilty. This trial is set to begin in March in the nation’s capital, but is likely to be delayed.

The former president has also been indicted at the federal level in Florida, where he is accused of mishandling confidential documents after leaving the White House. That trial is set to begin on May 20.

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