United Kingdom: Two teenagers sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a young transgender person

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Judge Amanda Yip described the murder as *’brutal, and planned, sadistic by nature’* when sentencing the two teenagers to terms of 22 years and 20 years respectively, with unusually severe minimum terms for juveniles. During the four-week trial, the two teenagers had each tried to blame the other for the murder. They were eventually both found guilty in December, with no visible reaction from either of them. The girl admitted to *’snatching the knife from Eddie’s hand’* and inflicting most of the wounds, claiming to be *’satisfied and excited by what she was doing.

‘* Before the act, the teens, previously identified as *’Boy Y’* and *’Girl X’* and from what was seen as stable families, had been planning the murder for weeks, exchanging dozens of text messages. The accused also sent her co-accused a picture of a handwritten note with the details of how they intended to carry out the murder of Brianna Ghey on *’Saturday, 11th February 2023,’* according to the investigation. The teen, who seemed like a *’normal child, from a normal family,’* was reportedly fascinated by serial killers, torture videos, and *’obsessed with Brianna. ‘* The pair, who were 15 at the time, also had a *’kill list’* with the names of other potential victims.

*’This is one of the most disturbing cases I have had to deal with. The planning, the violence, and the age of the killers are beyond comprehension,’* acknowledged prosecutor Ursula Doyle. Thousands of people paid tribute to Brianna at candlelight vigils held in several cities across the country, calling for *’youth protection’* and *’justice for Brianna. ‘* After the murder, a jacket with Brianna’s blood on it was found in Scarlett Jenkinson’s room, and the blood-stained murder weapon was found in Eddie Ratcliffe’s possession.

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