The weekend weather: calm and still too mild for the season

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The weather is gray and cloudy in the north, while in the south, a bright spring sun shines. However, the southwest wind brings low clouds to the coasts of the English Channel. A few rare drops or drizzles may be possible in these regions. Where the sun breaks through, temperatures rise quickly.

In the afternoon, the fog dissipates with a springlike atmosphere. From Languedoc-Roussillon to Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and from PACA to Corsica, the sun prevails with very mild temperatures in the afternoon. Mistral and tramontane calm down, allowing the thermometer to rise rapidly. In the afternoon, the sun dominates without hindrance after the fog clears, except in the north of the Loire, where clouds are much more present.

Temperatures rise even more around the Gulf of Lion as the tramontane calms down.

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