South Sudan: Clashes Among Herders Leave at Least 39 Dead

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The latest toll stands at 20 people killed, 36 injured, and one person still missing among the herders from the Lakes State, said the State Police spokesman, Major Elijah Mabor Makuac, to AFP. The Information Minister of the neighboring Warrap State, William Wol Mayom Bol, indicated to AFP that on their side “19 dead and 17 injured” had been counted. “The violence has subsided, but minor clashes are reported in inaccessible swampy areas, and the number of victims cannot be verified,” added a statement from the Warrap State Information ministry.

In separate statements, the authorities of the two states have “condemned” this violence. However, it remains largely unimplemented due to persistent quarrels between the two rivals, leaving the country prone to violence, instability, and poverty despite its oil resources.

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