“¡Necesito ser libre!”: Jean Lassalle finalmente no participará en “Touche pas à mon poste!”

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Nothing stops it, not even the weekend. From this coming February 3rd, the host and producer will be in charge of “Face à Hanouna”.

Every Saturday and Sunday, from 6:50 pm to 9 pm, he will discuss at length the most important topics of current events in the company of some members of his traditional team of commentators. There is also my personal intuition.

We comment on the news but all of it is still highly regulated. I thought that I was going to be “horned” in a show like this, as the young people say.

According to him, the show didn’t resemble him. Before making his decision, Jean Lassalle had nonetheless asked those around him for their opinion.

“*I thought I was going to do a survey, ask within my own movement Resists, and the opinions were very divided. 50% said ‘You should go, they don’t let you speak anywhere anymore’, and 50% said ‘If you go, we won’t talk to you anymore’.

At least, it enlightened me*,” he added.

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