Nathalie Azoulai, writer: “There is surely a very strong libido among coders”

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Who are these nerds behind the programs that govern our lives, often without us even noticing? I felt like I didn’t have the capacity or legitimacy to enter that world. It seemed closed off, and I was afraid that no one would be interested. Then I realized that I had to go in precisely with that lack of confidence.

I’m not passing judgment on the digital world, but shedding light on it, and that’s how it’s unfolding. Then he withdrew from the world, he isolated himself, I miss him. There was a sort of specter behind all these young bookish people, and it was Simon who became the real subject… I position myself as a woman looking at boys, men.

Or a dancer. I wanted to try nonfiction narrative, as the Anglo-Saxons say, even if there are fictionalized parts. I also wanted a more factual writing style, without taking myself too seriously; it’s actually a coming-of-age comedy. But I’m getting back into fiction!

I miss its abundant form, its more substantial writing. People envy those with full agendas! But I need this solitude too, or else I get lost, I don’t know who I am anymore. Motherhood triggered my desire to write (*with “Mère agitée” in 2002*); it opened the floodgates of expression.

As if everyday life wasn’t enough.

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