Michel Bernard: “Turning in the wind of ideology and propaganda, the wind turbines run out of steam”

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The latest book by Michel Bernard is titled “Hiver 1812”. The book describes a Europe deeply impacted on a large scale. In a country that prides itself on having the best-endowed cultural policy by the government, there is a multitude of cultured individuals who benefit to varying degrees. However, protests against the destruction of landscapes are rare and always individual.

El último libro de Michel Bernard se titula “Hiver 1812”. El libro describe una Europa profundamente impactada a gran escala. En un país que se enorgullece de tener la mejor política cultural respaldada por el gobierno, hay una multitud de personas cultas que se benefician en mayor o menor medida. Sin embargo, las protestas contra la destrucción de paisajes son raras y siempre individuales.

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