MHT Real Estate, French-speaking real estate agency for investing in Dubai

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This recognition indicates how the agency has become a reference for all investors looking to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Dubai today. Slimane Daghmani, originally involved in a newly established agency, quickly founded his own company, MHT Real Estate. Self-taught but with a natural sales profile, he entered the market during a period boosted by the Covid pandemic. In 2020 and 2021, while many were selling, others were buying, and this situation greatly helped him.

It’s worth mentioning that the real estate market in Dubai is thriving due to its high tourist (second destination in the world after Paris), economic, and social attractiveness. Technologically advanced and secure, focused on well-being and leisure, Dubai offers exceptional opportunities and returns for a city of its size. With no conflict of interest or association with a developer at the expense of another, MHT Real Estate is able to provide unbiased advice and expertise to each client, in their best interests and needs. Most investors are buying for long-term or seasonal rental purposes, but there are also families looking to settle in Dubai or have a vacation/retirement home.

With interest-free loans and state-backed project security, it’s easy to acquire a studio in Dubai with a modest down payment and monthly installments quickly covered by rents. The average 10% return is unbeatable when compared to other major cities worldwide. Additionally, there are no property taxes or rental taxes in Dubai, which further favors good returns. MHT Real Estate provides investment advice and expertise, as well as complete relief from rental management through MHT Homes, unlike other agencies in Dubai that outsource this service.

For remote clients, the process is simple and transparent. Moreover, MHT Real Estate collaborates with two legal experts who not only know the laws but also facilitate the establishment of businesses or the acquisition of visas for those settling in Dubai and starting their professional activities. Finally, financial aspects are optimized with relevant payment plans, especially for off-plan purchases. Investment in Dubai is among the world’s safest since notarial supervision is state-regulated.

As Dubai plans to double its population by 2040, the opportunities are abundant. Therefore, it’s the right time to contact MHT Real Estate for a secure and profitable investment. MHT Real Estate
Slimane Daghmani: +971 58 505 31 31

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