In the Heart of Space-Time

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Astronaut chronographs or spacecraft watches, timepieces travel to the future. It’s enough to have your head in the stars just by looking at your watch. Space exploration is undergoing a renaissance. Soon, space tourism could become a tangible reality for the common man.

On this 44.25 mm chronograph, the face of the Moon is not hidden. Its manually wound mechanical movement, the caliber 3869 certified Co-Axial Master Chronometer, is decorated with a lunar relief engraved with a laser on the black bridges. Like our satellite, the movement has two different faces: on the dial side, you can see the surface of the Moon as seen from Earth, while the back of the case reveals the hidden face of the celestial body, which only astronauts have had the privilege of contemplating. Descriptively, the text is about the latest technological advancements in the field of astronaut chronographs or spacecraft watches.

It depicts how watches are now able to display the surface of the Moon as seen from Earth, as well as the hidden face of the Moon, providing a glimpse into the advancements in technology and space exploration. The text also touches on the potential for space tourism to become a reality for the general public. Overall, it talks about the revolution in space exploration and technology, and the potential for ordinary people to experience space tourism.

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