“He dejado de envejecer”: este remedio experimental que Amanda Lear toma todas las mañanas

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According to sources, she is said to be 84, 77, or 73 years old. She denies having had any facelifts and challenges skeptics to find any scars, claiming to use other less invasive youth elixirs. She claims to take them every morning and says she has stopped aging and has more energy than she did 7 or 8 years ago, without specifying the form in which she uses these products.

She refers to a derivative of vitamin B3, which is believed to be a fuel for the production of enzymes essential in maintaining metabolic balance and repairing DNA. However, the use of this product is controversial and its effectiveness has not been proven as clinical studies in humans are still limited, with most existing research relying on animal trials. The source cited is an article on “NMN: Benefits, Side effects, and dosage”.

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