“¡Fue revolucionario!”: 20 años después de su creación, la generación de Facebook cuenta la irrupción de la red en su vida

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For a whole generation, the emergence of this site has accompanied, if not radically changed, their youth. She remembers it perfectly. The 28-year-old woman from Bordeaux recounts it with precision.

*“I was in fifth grade and I was at one of my childhood friends’ house when I decided to sign up for Facebook,”* confesses Margot with a big smile. For what reason? *“It was to do like everyone else.

It was appealing, I wanted to see what was happening on the walls, the famous ‘walls’ of my friends.”* Three years later, it passed the billion mark of registered users. Today, the company has almost three times as many, with three billion monthly active users. In 20 years, nearly one in three people in the world has joined the little blue *“f”*.

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