French Fries, Bread, and Chicken: How McDonald’s Improved Its Image among Farmers

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McDonald’s, a popular American fast-food chain, has faced ongoing skepticism from farmers in France, despite its efforts to source 75% of its agricultural raw materials from French suppliers. The chain, serving two million meals a day in France, has established relationships with nearly 3000 French farmers, highlighting its use of French wheat for burger buns, French chicken for nuggets, and French potatoes for fries. However, some products like potatoes are sourced from the Netherlands due to the expertise of the supplier.

In response to concerns about the origin of its steaks, particularly during the mad cow disease crises, the French subsidiary of McDonald’s started emphasizing their origin in advertising campaigns. They also engaged with farmers at the Agricultural Fair to dispel misconceptions and demonstrate their role as significant customers of agricultural products. Despite these initiatives, McDonald’s acknowledges that some of its beef is imported from Ireland and the Netherlands, as it faces challenges in sourcing sufficiently fatty cattle to meet its standards in France.

The company has to display the origin of its meat in its restaurants, which reflects its commitment to transparency. In conclusion, McDonald’s in France continues to navigate the complexities of its agricultural supply chain and address the concerns of local farmers, striving to maintain trust and transparency in its sourcing practices.

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