Equipo de rugby francés XV: dos tarjetas amarillas o una roja directa, qué cambia para Willemse

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A nuance that will nevertheless be important for the severity of the sanction. *In Marseille*
The bunker, heavily criticized during the World Cup, made its return for its debut in the Six Nations Tournament. And it did not fail, from the outset, to add to the confusion.

The official hidden behind his screen was called upon twice by the English referee, Mr. Dickson, concerning Paul Willemse. Yellow card and call to the bunker. Who decided not to go for the red.

32nd minute. Doris. The field referee gives a second yellow card.

Which is equivalent to an expulsion, so he brandishes the red. Dickson, however, calls on the bunker. To let it judge the severity of the prohibited contact.

The official decides, ten minutes later, that this second offense by the Montpellier player was worth a straight red. The English referee will inform the captain of the French team, Grégory Alldritt, upon return from the locker rooms before the start of the second half. This change of color is anecdotal since, anyway, Willemse was already definitively expelled?

Not for the upcoming sanction. The disciplinary committee will be harsher for a yellow card and then a straight red, than for two yellow cards.

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